Titanium-port implanted Port for Chemotherapy

A.M.I. EcoPort

The A.M.I. EcoPorts are infusion ports for the venous supply of pharmaceuticals, fluid, and nutrient solutions.

They are suitable for power injection at a maximum recommended flow rate of 5 ml/s and pressure not exceeding 325 psi (2240 kPa).
The A.M.I. EcoPorts are MR-compatible and latex-free. The catheter is made of the bio-compatible material polyurethane and has a soft, blue catheter tip.

Use of the special A.M.I. Port Needle prevents damage to the silicone septum.

EcoPort – economize on cost – not quality
A latex-free system comprising lightweight titanium port and polyurethane catheter with a soft tip.
Available as a standard-height, slimline, or compact model with F6 or F8 catheter
Special design features prevent catheter punctures and guard against needle slippage
Power Injection